Jo McDowell

BSc Physiotherapy

Polestar Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Studio Pilates Instructor

Running Analysis and Biomechanics

Functional Movement Analysis

ASCA Level One Strength and Conditioning Coach

GBR Age Group Triathlete

With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for health and fitness I will be using my experience in Clinical Pilates and Physiotherapy to provide you with weekly Mat Pilates classes. Pilates is a rehabilitative form of exercises suitable for everyone with a strong focus on the five principles of Pilates, movement integration, spinal articulation, breathing, axial elongation and core control.

I have a passion for holistic health and working alongside you to not only improve your body's physical function but to incorporate all elements of health and wellness.

As a lover of health and wellness I endeavour to work with a range of individuals helping them learn about the importance of correct rehabilitation, injury prevention, ergonomics and the benefits of Pilates. I have recently completed my comprehensive studio and rehabilitation Polestar Pilates course. This comprehensive course has opened my eyes and expanded my depth of knowledge on postural assessments and rehabilitation.  Within the last few years I have been fortunate to expand my skills within the musculoskeletal environment. I have been trained in functional analysis, video running analysis and foot assessments.


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